buy medical leeches

WHERE and HOW to buy medical leeches

Today, hirudotherapy is one of the most popular areas of alternative medicine. Hirudotherapy attracts the fact that with experience and no fear of leeches, it can be easily practiced at home. However, there may be a question: where to buy medical leeches?

Today, there are several possible options for where you can buy medical leeches. First of all, you can buy it in a regular pharmacy. It is worth noting that not all pharmacies sell medical leeches, but it is not difficult to find a pharmacy where you can buy leeches.

Often, the sale of medical leeches is carried out by hirudotherapy centers or those medical institutions where leech treatment is practiced. In this case, the price will be slightly higher than in the pharmacy. On the other hand, it is a guarantee of the quality of the purchased products.

The most profitable from a financial point of view will be the purchase from direct suppliers or firms that sell leeches from these same manufacturers. All pharmacies and medical institutions buy medical leeches in this way. Before you take this step, ask about the availability of a certificate of conformity, which is issued by the manufacturer itself and guarantees the quality required by the standards. Carefully read the information about the company, talk to a representative of the company by phone to find out all the questions you are interested in and the nuances of the purchase.

Now that you know where and how to buy medical leeches, it remains to wish you a pleasant treatment and good health!