buy medical leeches


Prices include shipping to America and Europe.

500 pieces - $3000
1000 pieces - $2750
2000 pieces - $4250
3000 pieces - $5600
4000 pieces - $7000
5000 pieces - $8500

For other regions, the price will be different, please check with us.

for more information, contact the manager by phone +90-553-744-4375

Worldwide delivery. The most convenient and affordable delivery is with us, learn more by phone or through our website.

For regular customers, there is a flexible system of discounts, for wholesale customers - special conditions.

We carry out the shipment of medical leeches to the regions and countries abroad. In the presence of a certificate and a veterinary certificate.

The order is immediately ready for shipment, please check with our manager about the possibility of delivery on the day of the order. The minimum batch of shipment to the regions and the delivery time to your city can be specified via the website, by email or by phone: +90-553-744-4375