Obesity is divided into three types: hormonal, hypothalamic, and acquired as a result of improper nutrition. The third type is the most common and it is his doctors who offer to treat with the help of leeches. It turns out that hirudotherapy promotes weight loss, it was discovered in the Middle Ages. Even then, the problem of obesity was acute, and it was necessary to solve it immediately. Leeches came to the rescue - with their help, patients got rid of 10 kg of excess weight and did not experience any discomfort or health problems. The number of people suffering from obesity has been steadily increasing recently, due to: - reduced physical activity; - poor-quality food; - violation of the regime and diet; - stress. The mechanism of action. The therapeutic effect of this procedure consists of three factors. The first factor is reflex. At this stage, the following happens. The leech with its small chitinous teeth digs into the human skin in biologically active zones and bites it by 1.5 mm. Biologically active points, into which the leech bites, are a clot of nerves and blood vessels. Therefore, the impact has an effect similar to reflexology. The second factor is mechanical. A prolonged outflow of lymph encourages the lymph nodes to drain. As a result, during the entire course of hirudotherapy, the lymph is completely renewed in the body. And finally, the third factor. This is a biological factor. The saliva of a leech contains 150 substances. Among them: - Englins; - hirudin, which promotes the breakdown of fats and lowers cholesterol; - antibacterial substances; - bdellins. Hirudotherapy is also used when there is a violation of carbohydrate and fat metabolism. And, therefore, it is indispensable for the treatment of cellulite. After the use of leeches, the blood becomes more liquid, which is indicated for the treatment of patients prone to thrombosis. Also, people who are obese suffer from high blood pressure. And a kind of bloodletting helps to reduce blood pressure.
There are contraindications. Before use, consult a specialist (doctor).