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Leech treatment

The effectiveness of treatment with leeches to date has been proven by many scientific studies conducted in recent years. According to these studies, hirudotherapy is effective as an independent method of treatment in various fields of medicine, and as an additional method for prescribed treatment. Hirudotherapy has a serious advantage over various traditional methods of treatment due to the peculiarities of the secretion of the salivary glands of the leech. This secret contributes to the reversibility of the processes of disease development, such as hypoxia and tissue ischemia, microcirculation disorders, and also interrupts the chain of pathological events in the focus of the disease.
Medical leeches, treatment of leeches with hirudotherapy session lasts on average from one hour to one and a half hours, depending on the severity and stage of the patient's disease. The duration of the session is determined individually for each patient. It is worth noting that it is not the doctor who determines this time, but the leech itself, since the session lasts as long as the leech works. The course of hirudotherapy is usually 7-10 sessions, about 2-3 sessions per week. Each leech is used only once, which completely eliminates the possibility of infection of the patient. At the end of the session, the leeches are always destroyed. In hirudotherapy, medical leeches are used, which are grown in specialized biofactories. When buying leeches, a certificate of conformity is issued, confirming the purpose of these leeches.
As a rule, 80 people out of 100 experience dislike and fear of the leech during the first session. These feelings disappear after the first session. In some cases, there may even be a feeling of sympathy for these creatures that bestow health. The bite of a leech is almost painless and resembles a mosquito bite or a nettle burn. The leech bites through the skin in the so-called reflexogenic points, these are the very biologically active points that are used in acupuncture. First, the leech sucks and bites through the skin to a depth of 1.5 to 2 mm, then it injects saliva containing the enzyme hirudin, which prevents blood clotting. In one session, the leech sucks no more than 5 ml of blood. After the session, it is not recommended to stop the blood from the wound with iodine or green paint, as this can cause a burn due to increased tissue permeability. Discharge from the bite site can last up to 24 hours, but do not worry, since there is not much blood coming out, mostly lymph comes out. The loss of lymph stimulates the immune triggering mechanism and stops the edema.
It is worth noting that leeches are extremely sensitive to aromas and refuse to stick to the patient's skin in the presence of the smell of perfume, tobacco, alcohol, etc.

Leeches are applied

For disorders
- Nervous system
- The endocrine system
- Digestive system
- Circulatory system
- Respiratory system
- Musculoskeletal system

For treatment
- Sexual disorders
- ENT diseases
- And also in
- Rheumatology
- Urology
- Gynecology
- Surgery
- Dermatology
- Ophthalmology

Contraindications to use:
Severe anemia
Hemorrhagic diathesis
Persistent hypotension (low blood pressure)
Individual intolerance (allergy to leeches)
Leeches are also contraindicated in the treatment of anticoagulants

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