Arterial hypertension is a condition in which the blood pressure exceeds 140 mm Hg (as a result of at least three measurements made at different times against the background of a calm environment; at the same time, you can not take medications that increase or decrease the pressure). If it is possible to identify the causes of arterial hypertension, then it is considered secondary. In the absence of an obvious cause, it is called primary, or hypertension. Arterial hypertension affects 20-30% of the adult population. Before the age of 50, the disease is more often observed in men, after 50 years-in women. The causes of arterial hypertension are currently not completely clear; genetic abnormalities have been identified, both internal (hormonal, nervous system and external factors (excessive consumption of table salt, #alcohol, #smoking, #obesity), disorders of fat metabolism are important in the development of the disease; #sugar diabetes, kidney disease, #stress, sedentary activity. Leech staging points: behind the ears. Behind the ears, you can put a colo of 2-3 leeches, behind each ear. It is important to know that it is forbidden to put leeches close to the ear, as there are superficial veins. For a more accurate setting of leeches, you can use a test tube. Leech staging points: Michaelis ' rhombus, coccyx. On these points, leeches should be put about 2-3 sessions with a periodicity of 4-5 days. Hirudotherapy for hypertension is carried out in 4 - 5 sessions. In the case of other chronic diseases, the number of sessions should be increased to 10. Repeat the course of treatment after 2-3 months.
There are contraindications. Before use, consult a specialist (doctor).