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How to store medical leeches

If you are going to carry out a course of treatment with leeches at home, then you need to create special conditions for storing leeches.

The storage location depends on the timing of the leech production. If you plan to put leeches for one to two weeks, then you can store them at room temperature, in a dark place. At the same time, change the water at least three times a week. For longer storage of leeches, you can put them in the refrigerator, change the water once or twice a week. If you have time and desire, you can change the water even more often, the fresher the water, the more active the leeches. The more active the leeches are, the more likely they are to bite.

It is best to store medical leeches in a glass container, a glass jar is perfect for this. Do not use containers made of painted glass - green, brown, red or blue.

One three-liter jar can contain from 50 to 100 pieces, no more. The jar should be closed with several layers of gauze (one layer will be chewed through, there were many cases with our customers) or with a calico cloth and tightly tighten with a tourniquet, or with a plastic lid, in which you first need to make small holes (a heated needle or awl will help you with this).

Water for leeches should not contain chlorine, running water that has settled for a day is suitable. Do not pour mineral water, let alone carbonated water. The water in the jar should be half full, they need oxygen and a place where they can move freely.

In the room where the leeches are stored, there should be no extraneous, sharp odors (perfumes, gasoline, cleaning products, paints, etc.).

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