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Is it necessary for a doctor to put leeches?

The first time to put leeches must necessarily be a specialist. Only an experienced specialist can correctly determine the reflexogenic points where the leeches should be placed. After several sessions, the patient can put the leeches himself, if he has the courage to do so.

How is the quality of the leech determined?

Medical leeches used in hirudotherapy should be alive and active. Externally, they should not be constricted and damaged. They should actively move when shaking the vessel, and at the sight of the hand should begin to suck and bite.

How long do leeches live?

A well-fed leech can live for several more years. As a rule, it may take her from 3 to 18 months to digest food. After that, a hungry leech can survive without food for another 4 to 21 months, depending on its age.

Do leeches differ in age and size? Which ones are better and where to put them?

In sredenm, the leech lives for about 10 years. Leeches grown in biofactories enter the medical network at the age of 3-12 months. No one takes into account the age of the "wild" leech. The size of "cosmetic" leeches is 2-3 cm in length, weight from 0.3 to 0.7 g; "medium" and" large " individuals up to 10 cm in length by weight from 1 to 2.5 g are used for placing on the skin and mucous membranes in various parts of the body. Schemes of setting up for the treatment of various diseases can be viewed in our groups in social networks, links to them at the bottom of the page.

What are the conditions for storing leeches at home?

If you are going to carry out a course of treatment with leeches at home, then you need to create special conditions for storing leeches. It is best to store medical leeches in a glass container, a glass jar is perfect for this. In one liter of water, there should be no more than 20 leeches. The jar should be covered with several layers of gauze or calico cloth and tightly tightened with a tourniquet. Water for leeches should not contain chlorine, running water that has been standing for several days is suitable. For longer storage of leeches, you can put the jar in the refrigerator.

How to properly take a leech to put it?

It is best to take the leech with your hands, but if you feel dislike, you can use gloves. If you need to put a leech in a specific place, you can take an ordinary syringe, cut off the end of the syringe and place the leech there. Thus, it will be convenient to attach the leech exactly to the place that is required for treatment.

Can you be allergic to leeches?

In extremely rare cases, there is an individual intolerance to leeches, or rather an allergy to hirudin. It either exists or it does not exist, and it cannot appear over time. You can check the reaction to hirudin at the first session by putting one leech

Can setting leeches lower hemoglobin?

With an active formulation of 5 pcs per session, hemoglobin may decrease. For prevention, you can take supplements with iron. If the hemoglobin is significantly reduced, it is better to take a break between installations and restore the level of hemoglobin. The hemoglobin content is determined by a general blood test. The norm in women is from 120 to 140 m/g, in men-from 130 to 170 m / g.

How to disinfect leeches?

It is not necessary to disinfect medical leeches, because the leech ensures the sterility of the procedure by its own mechanisms. Leech "sweat", the liquid that the leech secretes through the cuticle, has a powerful disinfectant property. This is proven in the laboratory.

How to feed leeches properly?

You don't need to feed the leeches. Before the session, they just need to be hungry. A healthy leech can safely live without food for six months.

After a session of hirudotherapy, red blisters appeared on the skin. Is this normal?

Treatment with leeches is a powerful stimulant of the body's cleansing processes. Even after the session, these processes can actively continue. You just need to complete the course of treatment. If red blisters still cause you anxiety and cause anxiety, contact a specialist for individual advice.

What to do with used leeches? Can I put leeches again?

The leech should be used only once, so that there is no danger of infecting other people. For disposal, use different means: lower the leech in a chlorine-containing or other disinfectant (at home, they can be frozen or lowered into a solution with salt). This is done in the presence of the patient, so that there are no thoughts of reusing the leech. Any injections are made with disposable syringes, it is quite obvious that no normal doctor will use the tool repeatedly. The leech is the same syringe. It is grown in a bio-factory in sterile conditions and after use is destroyed in a dezrasvor.

Are there any age restrictions for leech treatment?

Leeches are not recommended for children under 10 years of age. The remaining restrictions are more related to the state of health, rather than age. Treatment with leeches is contraindicated for people suffering from certain diseases, a list of which can be found in the section About leeches.

Leeches chewed through the cheesecloth on the jar and crawled out, what to do?

The leech can not live long without water, after a while you will find the dried corpse of a leech. It is better to cover the jar with a calico or linen cloth, a lid with holes (made with a needle), gauze in 4-6 layers.

How much blood does one leech drink in one session?

5-10 ml.

How to identify a dead leech?

A dead leech lies on the bottom, does not move, does not react to touch in any way, sometimes slightly swollen, sometimes curled into a ball. If the water in the container is clean, it can be detected immediately. You should remove it from there and thoroughly wash the remaining leeches and the container (only with water and a sponge, without chemicals), where you store them, 2-3 times.

What to do if the blood flows from the wounds and does not stop?

Enjoy the fact that there is an active loosening. Doctors recommend putting a hot water bottle on the liver after a session of hirudotherapy to prolong and strengthen the cleansing of the body. It is necessary to know that the blood flowing from the wound contains 70% of the lymph and only 30% of the blood.

Is one session of hirudotherapy enough or do you need a course of treatment?

The standard course of complex hirudotherapy consists of 7-10 sessions.

How many leeches are put in one session?

Most often from 3 to 5 individuals, there are less than 1-2 pieces per session. The experience and knowledge of your hirudotherapist will determine the exact amount in your case.

Did you get leeches from you, they are packed in wet sawdust, is it sterile?

The leeches themselves do not have direct contact with the sawdust, they are in a cloth bag, inside a sterile cotton wool. Leeches can be used the next day, the first day let them calm down a little from the road.

Where can I buy leeches in Ankara?

In Ankara, you can buy leeches from Bora Kilic. Delivery to the address of 50 liras. The deadline is 2-3 working days. For the transport of leeches, this is not much, the maximum time on the road can be up to 15 calendar days ( our experience is up to 20 days). Leeches are packed in a calico bag and placed in a corrugated box (cardboard box) with sawdust, which allows you to save leeches during long transportation, limiting sudden temperature changes, exposure to sharp odors, noise and other environmental changes. We are waiting for your orders.