Diabetes mellitus

Hirudotherapy in diabetes mellitus improves the work of all the endocrine glands by activating blood circulation, reflexogenic stimulation and the intake of biological substances. Treatment with leeches affects the body of people with diabetes in the following ways: during the bite, the leech throws out insulin-like substances that help reduce the amount of glucose in the blood, as well as increase the secretion of insulin by the pancreas; thanks to the active components contained in the saliva of the leech, the state of the cardiovascular system improves-blood pressure is normalized, blood vessels are cleared of atherosclerotic plaques and cholesterol; due to increased blood flow, tissues receive more nutrients, as a result of which edema decreases, numbness in the extremities passes, trophic ulcers heal quickly (diabetic foot is treated); the severity of ophthalmic problems decreases – the fog in front of the eyes disappears, visual acuity increases, and so on; the intensity of pain decreases.feelings.
The setting scheme for diabetes mellitus is selected: pelvis-points located in the upper part of the coccyx and sacrum; back-points located on the axis of the spine between the 11 and 12 thoracic vertebrae, as well as between the 1 lumbar and 12 thoracic vertebrae; chest-points on the xiphoid process and at a distance of 4 cm below it; abdomen-currents on the lower border of the chest on the right (liver area).
There are contraindications. Before use, consult a specialist (doctor).