Today, when the development of medicine has reached incredible heights, people again turn to such an original, natural method of treatment – leech. Hirudotherapy is a natural, natural method of treatment that fights not only the symptoms of the disease, but also eliminates its root cause.But before using the method of hirudotherapy, it is necessary to study the contraindications.
There are contraindications to the use of leeches, but there are not so many of them:
People suffering from hemophilia, that is, chronic non-clotting of blood, are categorically contraindicated in such treatment, which implies bloodletting.
People with severe forms of anemia, because treatment will reduce the content of platelets and red blood cells in the blood. Anemia or anemia is associated with low blood levels of hemoglobin, an oxygen carrier. Any blood loss in this disease can lead to a deterioration in the patient's well-being.
People who have sustained low blood pressure.
Contraindications to hirudotherapy are also individual intolerance (allergy to leeches). An allergic reaction may occur to substances in the leech's saliva. It is possible to identify this contraindication only after the first session, but in practice it is very rare.
Malignancies (may provoke their growth).
Pregnancy. We will discuss this issue in a little more detail:
During pregnancy, leeches can be treated only in the first trimester, in the second and third it can be dangerous. The fact is that normally expectant mothers have a significant blood thinning by the middle of the term, and if you add the leech effect to this, then the clotting rate will drop completely, and will most likely cause problems in the baby up to miscarriage or premature birth. Quite a different situation at the beginning of pregnancy, when hirudotherapy, on the contrary, is able to prevent miscarriage. One of the fairly common causes of termination of pregnancy in the early stages is a hereditary tendency to thrombosis, and here the leech will help. A few sessions after conception will prevent excessive blood clot that prevents the embryo from taking root and growing.
A weak pulse is not a contraindication to treatment with hirudotherapy.
Contraindications to hirudotherapy should be excluded if you decide to seek the help of this ancient method of treatment and recovery of the body.
A little bit about mistakes when setting up medical leeches.
1) More is better. Some people think that the more leeches they put in at a time, the greater the effect will be, this is a misconception. This can lead to a violation of the outflow of blood through the vascular bed, which in turn can lead to sharp weakness, headache, jumps in blood pressure, up to fainting.
2) Not correctly selected points for setting leeches, as well as setting several leeches for the first time can provoke an allergic reaction: the appearance of a rash, irritation, itching.
3) Placing a leech on a vein, a large capillary. In the saliva of a leech, there are substances that dilute the blood, if it gets into a vein or a large capillary, it is very difficult to stop the bleeding, up to calling an ambulance or going to the hospital.
The course of hirudotherapy should be conducted by a hirudotherapist. It will help you to make the course more effective, make a treatment plan, determine the points of setting. If you decide to put leeches on your own, at home, then consult a specialist. Pass the necessary tests to eliminate the risks, specify what points you can put a leech in your individual case, how many leeches, the total course time, the rest time between the setting, etc.
Treatment with leeches is an effective way to get rid of diseases, without the use of chemicals that negatively affect the body. You can also use this incredibly effective method.