Many women are familiar with the manifestations of cellulite. At first, the fine-grained surface of the skin occurs only when the skin is collected in a fold. As the disease develops, an orange peel appears. If cellulite is not treated, then over time it can greatly disfigure the legs and thighs.
Hirudotherapy is the most effective method of eliminating the "orange peel", especially in the later and most severe forms and stages of it. The enzymes contained in the saliva of the medical leech contribute to the breakdown of the main substance of the connective tissue and the penetration of other biologically active substances into the body. They destroy fat deposits, eliminate the "orange peel". There is a decrease in the roundness of the problem areas, the weight is normalized, the skin becomes smooth, elastic and elastic. Due to the presence of biologically active substances in the saliva of the leech, microcirculation in the tissues improves, edema and congestion disappear.
There are contraindications. Before use, consult a specialist (doctor).