Bronchitis is a disease of the respiratory system, in which the bronchial tubes are involved in the inflammatory process. In most cases of acute bronchitis, it is caused by an infection, such as viral or bacterial, and requires treatment with antiviral drugs or antibiotics. We will consider treatment with the help of hirudotherapy. Chronic bronchitis can develop as a complication of acute, or as a result of prolonged exposure to non-infectious irritants, such as dust. In some cases, bronchitis develops blockage of the bronchi due to edema of the mucous membrane, such bronchitis is called obstructive syndrome 1 Leeches are installed in the upper part of the chest, in the picture the dots are colored blue. For the session, you will need 8 leeches. Session 2 Leeches are placed on the back, 8 leeches are also used. The second session can be held every other day, in the picture, the points for installing leeches are colored blue. Session 3 is indicated in yellow, and 6 leeches are used. Session 4-5. These two sessions are a repetition of the first and second sessions, especially important in acute forms of bronchitis. Session 6. Leeches are installed on the rhombus michaelis zone, 4 leeches are used. In the drawing, the dots are colored light green. Session 7. The leeches are placed on the coccyx, the leech points are colored red. Sessions 6-7 do not have a direct effect on bronchitis, but indicate a strong effect on the immune system
There are contraindications. Before use, consult a specialist (doctor).