Atherosclerosis is a chronic disease of blood vessels, the lumen of which decreases due to the formation of plaques. This leads to a significant decrease in the volume of blood flowing to the organ. The symptoms of this disease are associated with its localization. When the blood vessels of the brain are affected, memory deteriorates, performance decreases, and frequent dizziness appears. If the vessels of the heart are affected, then there are pains in its area, weakness, swelling on the legs, shortness of breath, etc. Substances that the medical leech throws into the blood, biting the patient, contribute to the resorption of atherosclerotic plaques and prevent their formation again.
Hirudin and a number of other positive secrets have a beneficial effect on the vascular wall, improve microcirculation, resulting in improved blood circulation and oxygen supply to all internal organs.
There are contraindications. Before use, consult a specialist (doctor).