Arthritis-a collective designation of any diseases (lesions) of the joints. It may be the underlying disease (for example, spondylitis) or a manifestation of another disease (for example, rheumatism). It occurs in acute and chronic forms with the defeat of one or more (polyarthritis) joints. Among the causes are infections (tuberculosis, brucellosis), metabolic disorders (for example, with gout), injuries, etc.
Take for example the treatment of arthritis of the knee joint. The procedure of treatment with leeches is the following. From 4-6 hungry medical leeches are placed on the knee joint area at reflexogenic points, at the points of maximum spontaneous pain and at the pain points identified by palpation. The leech pierces the skin and sucks, injecting an analgesic substance into the wound, so there are no unpleasant sensations from the procedure. After sucking, the leech alternately sucks the blood, then injects healing substances into it. After a while (from fifteen to forty minutes) it either disappears by itself, or it is removed by the doctor. After that, a hemostatic bandage is applied to the knee for a day, since the wound can bleed for a long time.
There are contraindications. Before use, consult a specialist (doctor).